How To Shim A Hurd Casement Window

How to shim a Hurd Casement Window –

Using Part # 183 (you can purchase shims from )

Window Shim Part # 183

  1. Crank window all the way open
  2. locate the sliver hing track screwed into the bottom of the window frame
  3. loosen the screw that is closet to the corner frame of the window
  4. Insert shim around the screw (under the hinge track)
  5. Tighten the screw
  6. this is a good time to make sure that ALL screws on the hardware are tightened so that the head of the screw is flush (DO NOT over tighten!)


This is a PDF file from hurd on how to shim a window (click on blue writing below to download).

How To Shim A Casement Window


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