How To Order Replacement Hurd Double Hung/ Single Hung Screens

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To find the Hurd Call Out Size, measure the visible glass width and visible glass height of either top OR bottom window sash . Then round your measurement up to the next even inch.
Example: If your visible glass measurement is 15 1/4″ wide x 23 1/4″ Height. Then round up to the next even inch. Your call out / what you would order would be 16 wide x 24 high
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Screens will work on Compression Tilt, Easy Tilt and Concealed Jamb Liner, Kingsview/Monument Double Hung & Single Hung Hurd Wood/Clad Windows

For Vintage of window – if you choose “I don’t know” one of R&R representative will call you to help you determine.

For 40/60 or 60/40 Sash Splits please call to place your order as assistance will be needed to determine what screen size you need. Call us Toll Fee 1-