#837 – Adjustable Oak Threshold How To Replace & Adjust


To order #837 click on link http://www.randrwindow.com/adoakth.html

To remove old threshold:


Use a #3 Philips bit on your drill – to unscrew the screws on the top of the old oak threshold all the way. Once screws are completely removed the old threshold will pull up.


There are T nuts in a T track underneath the threshold that the screws screw into.


You can reuse the old T nuts or replace the T nuts in the T track with the new T nuts provided with the new threshold


To replace the T nuts – you will remove the old T nuts by sliding them out of the track – there should be a space at one of the ends of the track for you to do this.


Take new T nuts and slide them into the track through the same space at one of the ends of the T track.


Replace with new threshold by aligning the T nuts to the screws in the threshold.


Screw in all screws into the T nuts below – be careful not to over tighten – and the screws are used to adjust the threshold as well.


Adjusting the Threshold:


Once the threshold is installed and all screws are screwed into the T nuts – the threshold can be adjusted by tightening or loosening the screws.


Tightening screws to lower the threshold or loosening the screws to it rise up.


To Order Click On Link Adjustable Oak Threshold http://www.randrwindow.com/adoakth.html 

How To Replace Old Style Handle Set With C Elite Handle Set #522

To Order # 522 click on link: http://www.randrwindow.com/handle-c-elite-complete-kit.html


If you want to use C Elite Handle package to replace P/N 516 Upgrade Door Handle. Additional parts will be needed!You will need a new recessed mortise lock with the gray/sliver cylinder part# 518. You will also need the New Style Shim part #512-NEW or else the handle set will be loose. You will have to fill the top screw hole that will be left over from the old handle set. You can do this by using part number 546 or 546U binding post.Please read all details below and watch video below.

Part # 518 Mortise Lock with Gray/Sliver Cylinder Sold Separately – $40.00 each

If your Recessed Mortise Lock has the black cylinder you will need to purchase a new recessed mortise lock with the gray/sliver cylinder for this handle set to work.

Part # 512-NEW New Style Shim For C Elite handle set. Comes in white only as shown in video below. No additional cost when purchased with the C Elite Handle Set.

Part # 546 Standard Binding Post Screw – Silver Mill Finish – No additional cost when purchased with the C Elite Handle Set. No other finishes available. Will work in existing upper hole in Hurd door- no modification needed.

Part# 546U UPGRADE Binding Post Screw – Chrome, Brass Dull Finish, Dark Bronze & 18-8 Stainless Steel $16 each. 1/4″ Diameter. ***NOTE*** When using the Upgrade # 546U Binding post. The diamieter is 1/4″ so you will have to drill out the hole with a 5/16″ drill bit for these binding post to fit.

To Order #522 click on link: http://www.randrwindow.com/handle-c-elite-complete-kit.html