#837 – Adjustable Oak Threshold How To Replace & Adjust


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To remove old threshold:


Use a #3 Philips bit on your drill – to unscrew the screws on the top of the old oak threshold all the way. Once screws are completely removed the old threshold will pull up.


There are T nuts in a T track underneath the threshold that the screws screw into.


You can reuse the old T nuts or replace the T nuts in the T track with the new T nuts provided with the new threshold


To replace the T nuts – you will remove the old T nuts by sliding them out of the track – there should be a space at one of the ends of the track for you to do this.


Take new T nuts and slide them into the track through the same space at one of the ends of the T track.


Replace with new threshold by aligning the T nuts to the screws in the threshold.


Screw in all screws into the T nuts below – be careful not to over tighten – and the screws are used to adjust the threshold as well.


Adjusting the Threshold:


Once the threshold is installed and all screws are screwed into the T nuts – the threshold can be adjusted by tightening or loosening the screws.


Tightening screws to lower the threshold or loosening the screws to it rise up.


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