Replaceing Hinge and Hinge Track On Hurd Casement Window

To order Hinge and Track go to:  type in Part # 212 in search box

Hinge and Track come in a kit – you will receive and LH and RH (top and bottom)

You can choose from 10″ or 14″ and Standard or Stainless Steel

Part Number 121


Casement Window

Remove the operating sash:

  • Crank sash open and remove the operator arm off the sash bracket.
  • Remove the straight arm (if you have it) of the operator off the track shoe
  • Close up the operator so arms are out of the way
  • Slide the upper and lower hinge clips off the hinge track
  • Slide the sash towards the center – where there is a release slot on the upper and lower hinge tracks

Replacing the hinge and hinge track

  • Remove the defective hinge track off the fame by removing the screws
  • Install the new hinge track and screw back into place
  • Remove the defective hinge from the sash rail by removing the screws.
  • Install the new hinge and screw back into place
  • (Adjustable Hinge Tracks are Now Standard).
  • Replace the sash by reversing the above instructions on how to remove the sash

To order Hinge Track go to:  type in Part # 212 in search box

How to Replace A Casement/Awning Operator For A Hurd Window

Casement Operator1. Remove the screen.

2. Remove the handle crank by pulling it straight off. (if you have a different style operator there may be a set screw)

3. Using a stiff putty knife from the inside, insert the knife between the main sill and lower sill operating stops.  Carefully pry up to remove the upper and lower sill operating stop.

4. Pry with a small screwdriver the split arm off of the sash bracket pin by prying up and off, and then pry with a small screwdriver the straight arm off the sash track shoe by prying between the arm and the track shoe downward.

5. Remove the screws that secure operator to the main sill.

6. Install the replacement operator and reverse the above removal procedure to complete.

Go to to purchase casement and awning operators.