Instruction for Hurd Sash Adjustment


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1. The amount of sash drag (a sash is the operating part of a casement window) that this hinge will correct for is dependent on the ratio of the sash width vs. sash height. To calculate the amount of sash drag adjustment for any given window size, take the ratio of the width to height multiplied by 1/16″.

Example: sash size equals 24″ x 36″ width to eight ratio is .667 Total adjustment is .66 x 1/16″ = .042 (Approx. 3/64″)

2. To adjust the casement sash: First fully open the window. Next step the Adjustment wrench (Part # 190 To by go to: under Parts –  Miscellaneous) onto the base of the stud, found between the support arm and the track of the lower hinge. Swinging the wrench away from the lock side of the window will decrease the about of sash drag. The maximum sash drag adjustment is reached when the stud flats are parallel to the track. Note: Turning the stud flats beyond parallel will not increase sash drag correction.

3. For severe sash drag, a similar procedure can be sued on the upper hinge. Upper hinge adjustment is made by swinging the wrench toward the lock side of the window. Maximum adjustment is obtained when the stud flats are parallel to the track. Note: Maximum adjustment may cause biding as the window is closed, please use caution.

To purchase the Truth Wrench  #190 go to:



How to Replace A Casement/Awning Operator For A Hurd Window

Casement Operator1. Remove the screen.

2. Remove the handle crank by pulling it straight off. (if you have a different style operator there may be a set screw)

3. Using a stiff putty knife from the inside, insert the knife between the main sill and lower sill operating stops.  Carefully pry up to remove the upper and lower sill operating stop.

4. Pry with a small screwdriver the split arm off of the sash bracket pin by prying up and off, and then pry with a small screwdriver the straight arm off the sash track shoe by prying between the arm and the track shoe downward.

5. Remove the screws that secure operator to the main sill.

6. Install the replacement operator and reverse the above removal procedure to complete.

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